Non school days, celebrations, and other important dates...
            2021/2022 School Calendar

    May 7th 2021: No School (District)

      May 19th 2021: 10:30 Graduation Party / Family Picnic at the     Borough Gym

    August 18th: First Day of School 

    September 6th: School Closed (Labor Day)

    October 1st: No School (District)

​    October 28th/29th: No School  (District) Parent Teacher Conf.

    November 11th: School Closed (District)

    November 23rd and 24th: Friendship Feast

    November 25th - 26th: School Closed (Thanksgiving Holiday)

    December 17th-January 2nd: School Closed (Winter Break)

    January 3rd: School resumes after winter break

    January 17th: School Closed (Holiday/District)

    February 14th & 15th: Valentine Party

    February 24th & 25th:No School (District) Parent Teacher Con.

    March 6th-13th No School Spring Vacation

    March 14th: School Resumes

    May 6th 2022: No School (District)

    May 18h 2022: 10:30 Graduation Party / Family Picnic